MN Design Company’s creative styles range from contemporary to traditional environments. We understand our clients dream for a beautiful luxurious interior space combined with high quality and sustainable interiors with outmost clarity.
We believe that great design is for everyone. It surprises, tells a story and makes every day a little less ordinary. At MNDC we design for how people live today. We welcome the anti-ordinary, the surprising and the standalone. Thoughtfully designed, timeless and versatile, our collections are designed to outlive trends and evolve with your changing style. Attention to detail is everything. We debate the intricate details that make a product iconic and create exceptional pieces for everyday life. It’s a labor of love, but we’re only happy when a product is good enough for our own homes.
The success of our products stems from the close relationship and spirit of collaboration we establish with our client. We sincerely value the trust placed with us both aesthetically and professionally. We always focus on interior detailing, high-end designs, hand selected furnishings and strong finish selections. With creative distinctive designs, we cater to residential and commercial interior projects all over India with support from contractors, architects and designers from around the country. We encouraged client participation at every phase of the project and work closely with their architects to determine the structure for perfect space planning.
Our concept is obvious: simplify things, work directly with the makers and bring high-end lifestyle designs for everyone.